How to Get Free Money on Google Play Store


Did you know you can actually get free money on google play store? You heard me right, you can earn some money on google play store, all you need is your smartphone. Today I would be walking you through the 2 step to get free unlimited money on google play store.

Let Get Started

As I said earlier, there is two-step to get free money on google play store, so you have to decide which step you would like to follow, because they work differently, and it depends on how much money you want to earn.

Method 1: The Legal Method: Earn You Few Dollar Once a Week or Month

This method can only earn you few dollars once a week or month but is the easiest way to get free money on google play store. 

What I like about this app, it's free, it's from Google, and the survey is nice and short

You would get $3.20 - $5, Google plays credit when you download the app, and you can spend it instantly on an app or anything else on play store.

  • Step 1: Go to Google play store
  • Step 2: Download Google Opinion Rewards App
  • Step 3. Open up the App
  • Step 4: Register your account
  • Step: Start to answer some survey and make some money

Google would start you up with a survey that gives you your first $1

Method 2: The Smartest Tricks: Earn You Unlimited Dollar

This's not an easy step but can earn you unlimited free money on google play store. 

As I said before, google give you $5 for downloading google opinion reward app, and to make unlimited $5, all you need is to create many accounts and get $5 each to this account.

All you have do is to keep redownloading the app with those different accounts that you created, and you can get money on this different account.

You can then transfer the money to any app you want on the play store

Let me show you how to add a new google play account.

Head over to setting and go to account, click add account and then click on google, you need to put in your password.

It's going to ask you if you have an existing account or you want to create a new. Just click the create a new account, then you are done.

You can decide which method you like to use to earn money on google play store, then you can use your earning to purchases some app on play store, pay for services, and lot more. Happy earning guys


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