How To Make Money Online Without Doing Anything - Top 5 Ways


If you want to make an extra side income, these, my top best 5 will really work very well for you. If you want to make a full-time income without working, is going to be hard, because most of this is build to make extra money on a side, like few hundred dollars per month, or a thousand dollar a month.

But there is also some list here that can be done full-time, and am going to cover all of them.

1. Lockscreen ads Apps

This is going to make you an extra money on your phone, these apps allow you to put ads on your lock screen, so when you slide it, instead of just seeing an image, you will see some ads.

They pay you monthly or whenever you want to cash out your point from this app been on your phone, you don't have to do anything, you basically signup,  install the app, and you start earning some money.

There are two main apps that do this like Slidejoy-Lock Screen Cash and Fronto Lock Screen.

2. Data Collection Apps

Are just company that create an app and they are looking to study user behavior. They want to know how people use their phone, how they use their app, how they use the internet. Just to gather data and find trends to help their partner and other companies.

This help different companies to create a better program, better app, better product, by understanding what people are doing.

A few app that does this is MobileExpression Research and Smart Panel App.

You just have created a free account and install the app, and the app would start to run in the background on your phone, you never have to look at the app again. The only time you might have to look at it is when you want to withdraw your earning.

3. Rent Your Car

Getaround is a direct competitor to They pay you to rent your car out, You have an app that you can use and if you are not using your car all the time, you can really make some money for renting your car out, and you really don't have to do any work.

4. Surveys, Opinions, and Review

You share what you think about something and you can get paid for it, There is a few different option you have with this, 

1. Google Opinion Reward

They pay you for taking surveys, to know what you think about products, app, etc, you might get a dollar per survey, but it can really add up. It's just something to make extra income without actually having to do any work.

2. UserTesting

It's something that allows you to test website, apps, and different product. All these companies need to test their apps, their software, their product, before they are sold, to make sure that people actually like them and they use a site like testing to get people do this stuff spear time.

You just go and check it out, and you get paid to do it. Just click the get paid to test and you will get started.

5. Rewards Programs (watching ads, trying apps, shopping online,etc.)

There is all kind of rewards program now, especially on apps. You have a lot of free apps available that pay you for watching videos, shopping online, trying apps, and lot more.

I cover a few of them here below

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That's how you make money without doing any work, you can check them out if you want to make some extra money because they would make you rich. But you can make some extra dollar per month.


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