Best Converting Affiliate Programs And CPA Offers to make more money with your traffic

Best Converting Affiliate Programs And CPA Offers

This is not a list of affiliate programs, but these article is going to show you how to choose the best affiliate program for your website.

If you're wondering about which affiliate offer should I put on my website? well, this article might be very helpful for you.

There is always the basic and the main one like Adsense, which pay you per click if you put the ads code on your site it'll put a little box that automatically creates ads for your site. 

Another very popular one is Clickbank. This is a network of people who have a digital product like software, ebook, membership, subscription, etc. It's the affiliate program were the vendor set the amount you are going to get pay, they might pay 75% or 50%.

Another one is CJ, is an affiliate network with pay per lead, pay per sale, pay per download and lot more. It's a big network with a lot of offer.

Let talk about the

CPA Affiliate Marketing

This's cost per action or cost per acquisition, you get pay on 

* Click
* Download
* Lead
* Sale
* Calls

The best type of an affiliate offer or affiliate program for your site if you are an affiliate cannot be determined by the network or by the CPA or by the payout.

I know a lot of people always looking for a really expensive high paying affiliate offers, you can make millions of dollar with little $1 or $2 per download. 

It doesn't matter how much the offer pay, it matter how well it's going to convert.

What I like to do is to look at an affiliate offer bass on my traffic, how well this offer matches the intent.

If you have people out there that are looking for a way to fix their toilet handle. You can look their intent, and say ok, maybe we can send them "do it yourself toolbar" or perhaps we can get them to a plumber lead.

Lead for a plumber is where they can fill out a form and get information for a plumber. That would match their intent.

However, if you're going for something like how to set-up a blog, you have to look at it, maybe software, web-hosting or blog hosting, that would be a great intent match. 

What you want to do is to look at the intent and closely inline the intent to the offer. What the offer promising the person? 

We don't want to look at the affiliate offer, as much as we want to look how it matches what are user want to do if it matches what user wants to do, you are going to get a better earning per click or EPC than anyone else.

If you can match the offer to the intent, it doesn't matter what the offer is, it only matters if they are going to pay you and if it's going to work for the users.

Everything on internet marketing come down to the user, "your visitors" if your visitor doesn't care about your offer, nothing else is going to matter.

Now, am very sure you got some idea of how internet marketing work and what program you should choose for your website


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