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How would you like to make money on Amazon with kindle direct publishing? Most people think Kindle is dead, you can't make money on Kindle, but I'm going to tell you, you are absolutely wrong.
Is not as easy as it was in 2015, but is still very easy. I will explain a couple strategy that will get you consistent sales on your new book as well as your hold book.

The first thing I want you to understand is that you can make a lot of money with kindle direct publishing now than back in 2015 and the reason why is because there is a less competition.

Why there is a less competition? Because people think it's becoming harder to get their book sold. And that is because they're using the hold strategy that used to work back in 2014 - 2015. 

In 2017, those strategies are no longer working. 

The other reason why you can still make money now, than last year, is because this book is becoming cheaper to get your hands on.

1. Influencer Marketing

The other reason why there is more money to be made now in 2017 than a previous year, is to use the strategy called influencer marketing.

How this work is that you find an influencer in the industry and they would market your product/book for you. And their audience that sees it, will instantly buy that book, just because they gave you a recommendation to their audience.

The way you can get more sales is to use gust post, guest video, cross-promotion, through email, through social media, youtube, and website.

Let me explain how this work

With guest post what you can do, is to contact a blogger, somebody with a website or youtube channel, If they have book, perfect, that's exactly what you want.

You contact the website or youtube owner, say hey my name is Micheal, I would love to do a guest post for you, I have been watching your channel, or I have been reading your article on your website, I love the content you putting out,

I feel that I could provide more value to your audience, here is a few different idea that I have for you, and if you like those ideas, and you consider having me as a guest author or a guest video. I would love to do any of this idea. Please let me know what your thought is, and get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

You can send them an email, or message them on youtube or Facebook if you send them a few different messages on multiple platforms, hopefully, if they do get your messages, they would respond.

You can do a guest post on their website, or you can do a guest video on the youtube channel, you just need to do a video or article base on what they want, but somewhere in the video or blog post, you're going to mention your book.

And when you mention your book, you also going to provide a link to that book, maybe in the video description, or around the article website.

By proving that link and this influencer is putting you on their website or their youtube channel, their audience is going to see it and hopefully, some people will click through and check out your stuff.

You can use this same method if you want somebody to buy whatever you may be promoting. 

But don't do affiliate marketing with this method, because the website owner or youtube channel owner is probably not going to publish that link.

2. Cross Promotion

Let talk about cross-promotion, the way this work is two people and they both have 50,000 audiences and the other person also have 50,000 audiences. For example, person A Have 50,000 audience and person B also have 50,000 audiences.

They will cross-promote to those different audiences. Becuase person A want person B audience, and person B also want person An audience, so by cross-promoting their product, website, services, they can actually get a lot of people into whatever they are tiring to promote.

The nice thing about cross promotion is that you can do it through email, youtube, social media, even on a website. That is the beauty of cross-promotion,  

If you have multiple platforms and another creator also multiple platforms, you can cross-promote, that's why I like cross promotion. You're promoting somebody else product, and they're promoting your product.

I'm not saying that you need to reach out to 20 different people and try to get your product or book sold by every single person.

only 1 person is enough to promote your book, even if you get 1 to 2 sales, is going to have a snowball effect.

As you get more sale, you would get more review if it's a quality book, the better review, and more sale you get, the better ranking you would also have, which will result in more and more sales.

If you want to make money on Amazon with kindle direct publishing, I highly recommend one thing. That one thing is to use a new way of marketing. Don't go back to the old ways.

Don't think SEO is going to do the work for you, is not, You're not going to sell your ebook completely without any marketing,

If you only depend on SEO without doing some marketing, chances are, the people doing it in the past two month or even years, they're going to be head of you. 

That's for amazon kindle publishing, hopefully, you got some idea from it.


Hi, i.m Micheal, the guy behind fastwaystoearnmoney. I share different ways to earn money online. It's possible to make money online, but as a newbie, you will start with $5/month, but as time goes on, and you follow the tips that I share on this blog, you would definitely start to make $300/month

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