5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram


In today's post, I want to talk to you about a successful business idea that you can start today and make money on Instagram. I have 5 ways for you to make money on Instagram, and I guarantee you, you have not used or heard of all 5 of these ways.

1. Offer Your Services

There is soo many small businesses out there, that don't have the customer they need. The best way for you to get to them. is simply go into their business. Talk to them about promoting their business.

Why would they even pay you to do that,? Is because they need more customer, they need more people to know about who they are.

I recommend you start small. You can do $500/month packages, which include 5 posts per day. Or you can do a $1,500/month which is 10 post per day.

But the difference is, you'll guarantee a thousand new followers to their Instagram account.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You might probably hear about this before. You promote somebody else product to customers on Instagram.

When they click on your link and actually buy the product, you would make money. It's actually very simple, I know something might similar difficult. But it actually very easy to implement on Instagram.

The key is you have to get people to follow your Instagram account.

Because with fewer people, you have less chance of making any money. You would not have people buying that product and as an affiliate marketer, you need a lot of people to click through, because the conversion rate is not going to be a 100%.

One thing you need to understand is you need traffic. Without traffic, or with little traffic such as 3 people, you would not make money.

You need a lot of people to make affiliate marketing work on Instagram. You need people to click over to your bio, click on the link you have there and buy the product. That's how you're going to make money with affiliate marketing.

3. Sell A Physical Product 

For a physical product, there could be something such as shoes, maybe you own the company, or you're promoting somebody else product, but you actually own that product.

You can see BMW page, there is a link right there in their bio. 

That's how people would click over to whatever page and buy the product. In other to sell the product, you have to be engaged, you need to comment, you need to put new post, like others people stuff, follow other people.

The reason for that is because the more likes that you get the more money you will make, and more followers.

If you want to make more money on Instagram and you want to sell a physical product. You need a lot of people, a lot of likes, and you also need to be consistent.

4. Sell And Ebook

Ebook is something simple, people can download it instantly, and they can tell you what they think after reading it. Let me tell you what the best Niches are for an eBook, This is just my opinion.
  • Health & Fitness
  • Finance for Beginners 
  • Cooking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Motivation
  • Travel
People would pay big money to learn how to do something.

I recommend you put affiliate offer inside your ebook, because you can even make more money. People are always willing to spend more money but if you don't promote or offer something, how are they going to buy it.

5. Sell ShoutOuts

You simply make money by telling your followers about somebody else product, brand, page. You just need to mention them in a post.

But you need a lot of followers. The more followers and better engagement you have, the more money you would make.

When I say engagement, I'm talking about likes, comment, follow other people,

The place I recommend to sell shoutout is called shoutcart.com


On Instagram is all about following and engagement, if you have more followers, you would make more money, so I recommend you to first build a real follow before thinking about making money with your instagram account.


Hi, i.m Micheal, the guy behind fastwaystoearnmoney. I share different ways to earn money online. It's possible to make money online, but as a newbie, you will start with $5/month, but as time goes on, and you follow the tips that I share on this blog, you would definitely start to make $300/month

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