Local Business Strategies to Dominate Small Businesses in Your City

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In today article, am going to dig dip into a local business marketing strategy that would help you to dominate your city. People look online for information if they want to find a dentist they search for "Best dentist in a city" The fact is, searching online is a lot more convenient than looking at the yellow page. 

Local Business Marketing Strategies

So as a local business owner you need to make yourself discover-able where your customer are looking. And today article I will go over 3 simple strategies that you can use to get more people through your door using online marketing strategy.

1. Social Proof

The first thing is to build social proof where customer are already looking. The best social proof for a business is not a listing in a local paper, is to be highly reviewed on website were customer already are. If you are restaurant owner then ask your happy customer to leave a review, or if you have a google local listing then ask them to leave a review there. 

Because when the next person comes looking for your business, they are gonna instantly see that other people trusted and they should too.

2. Local SEO

Doing search engine optimization for a local business is much easier because of the lack of the competition, but the level of competition online is not really rising with the growth. Check this out, Toronto is the most populated city in Canada so you think marketing Chiropractor business in Toronto will be difficult. 

Local Business Marketing Strategies

Now the most common popular phrase people are searching for is Toronto chiropractor which get 320 local searchers, there are couple directories like yelp and opencare that come up on google first page, but then you would see two chiropractor offices like backinbalancellinic and beyondchiropractor.

Local Business Marketing Strategies

The best part of SEO is that ranking for a mega keyword will help you rank for other related keyword phrases. For example, backinbalancellinic also rank for chiropractor Toronto, Toronto chiropractor, back in balance, chiropractor downtown Toronto and much more.

Local Business Marketing Strategies

this three keyword phrase bring in 1380 monthly searches of people looking to get treatment, with the monthly conversion rate of three percent 1380 X 3%, they can get at least 41.4 New Leads every single month without spending a dime.

With SEO, a large part of the ranking factor as to do with quantity and quality of backlinks that are pointing to a page. You can skyrocket your SEO by building quality links through guest blogging, or by using other methods, but try to go for relevant links that are within your niche and even more powerful ranking signal would be getting links from domains that are in your city or country.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is the most pay advertising channel, you can target people base on demographics and psychographics. And what makes it absolutely mind blowing is that you can target people base on their zip code. maybe you have tried Facebook ads but you didn't get the result you wanted, it probably because you are doing them all wrong.

People do not log in to Facebook looking for a chiropractor, they don't log in to Facebook looking to buy new things, they log in with the intention of finding something interesting, helpful or socializing with others. Just take a look at what your friend are sharing, if you are a local business owner then you want to target people who are willing to commit to your location or have a need to your product or services.

Targeting location is easy, just type in a city name, town name, or multiple zip code within your area, take a look at your customer list and use their zip code as a way to create a locational boundary.

Create ads that fulfill the intent of why someone login to facebook. If you are re-estate agent create a lead magnet like a report, make it interesting and educational, ask them to opt-in and then you can start to communicate with them through email, Use that as your way to nurture your audience and sell to them later. What ever you do, don't send them to your homepage that has the information on your client, I can guaranty you that you would burn more money than you make.

That is it for Local Business Marketing Strategies, I hope you find it helpful


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