How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

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If you are someone who wants to get started with a business online or somebody who want to influence on Instagram by growing their following. I really want to show you my best tips interest for how to use Instagram to promote your brand or business. there is four major category of things that you really need to pay attention to for your Instagram account to become successful.

Instagram for Business

Inside of all those four, I have a total of 10 Rule to follow and get your Instagram to tip top business-ship.

Section 1. Mechanics Of Instagram

if you are new to Instagram or you are not really sure what Instagram is? well, Instagram is a photo sharing application on your smartphone and it available for iPhone, Android is a social media platform base on a photo and sharing images.

The first Rule I want to talk about is,

Rule #1: To Take Photo With The Best Camera You Have.

I know this might be a confusion with some people who thought that you can only use your smartphone or your iPhone camera photos for Instagram.Yes, you absolutely can use your iPhone photos for Instagram. But is not the only option you have, and I believe that is really essential to use the best photo you possibly can, in other to take a great shot that connects with people. 

you can use your iPhone if you want because some people are great with iPhone photography, But for me, I usually use my DS Camera. you can take a photo with a camera and transfer them to your phone. it'll really make a big difference when you are using a great photo.

Rule #2: Use Great Lighting

When it comes to great lighting for your picture, natural lighting is always the best, is going to be a life saver for your photo and it really gonna help the quality of your photo no matter camera you are using, if you don't have the advantage of having natural light where you live, you can use studio lighting or you can use lamp in your home.

think about how you can use reflectors for your photographic because things like that will go a long way to help you brighten up in an image and get the best shot as possible.

Section 2. Building Your Aesthetics

I think it really important that when you are on Instagram you have to find Aesthetics, I do have a few Rules that is totally made for your business and brand.

Rule #3: Your brand Color Scheme

If you are somebody who already has a business, maybe you already have branded color scheme for your business, for example, my color scheme is green and red. so if there is a color that is already associated with your business, try to stick to that color scheme when you are taking your photos because they are instantly be branded to you.

Rule #4: Use Consistent Background

If you are someone who is taking pictures of a product or items that belong on the desk, maybe you are doing accessories or stationary that is sitting on the desk. white Background is good for that. But is not the only option, you don't have to just use white, if it speaks to your brand, you could find any different material that works for you and speak to your brand and your Aesthetics.

Rule #5  Define Your Subject Matter

A great way to define your account is to be taking photos related to your brand, you need to figure out base on your brand and what your business is, what who be some great theme and subject to shot in your Instagram account. always take a picture that goes with your brand, because it will help you to define a really authentic visual style for your brand on Instagram.

Section 3. Grow Your Following

Obviously, taking a great photo and spend time on your Aesthetics are great, but you wanna make sure you are moving and getting more and more followers to your Instagram account because if you are running a business or you have a brand. all of those followers are a potential customer for you.

Rule #6. Taking Great Photos

Make sure you are taking a great photo, that is the purpose of Instagram, is a photo sharing application, so stick to taking excellence photos and you will see naturally that you will start to get a bigger following on Instagram.

Rule #7 Use Relevant Hashtag

Hashtags are basically the search engine of Instagram, a better way to be discovered on Instagram is to use a relevant hashtag if you got a photo and you want to hashtag it, make sure those hashtags really pertain to the images. there are a lot of spam hashtag that has million of picture tag to them, they are not really relevant to anything particular, for example, instagold or IGDaily. 

Stick to relevant hashtag that really does have something directly related to your picture. 

How Many Hashtag To Use:  In the Instagram description box, you do have a lot of space for hashtag, but don't use too many hashtags because you gonna end up getting comment and spam followers, and it not really helping your business out, for me I think 5 to 7 hashtags is ok, you don't really want to over load on the hashtag, you may end up finding that only a few relevant hashtags that you use are really moving and getting you those high-quality followers.

Rule #8 Network & Interact

There is nothing worst for your business on Instagram than posting a picture and walking away from your Instagram account. Instagram is a social media platform which means you need to get social if you intend to grow a following. So don't just post photos and waited for likes, make sure you are going out and seeking out other account and photos to like and to network with people who are creating things just like you.

that is how you actually gonna grow a following, by going out and interacting, no one who wants to follow an account that just posts pretty pictures and doesn't interact with them. make sure you reaching out to other people and liking other people photos, search those hashtags you are using to find other photos and other people to connect with.

also, make sure you are responding to the comment you get on Instagram, that is very important for establishing a community and consistency with your account online. 

Section 9. How To Sell On Instagram

When it comes to selling on Instagram, there is three way you can sell and that is, Affiliate link, Sponsored post and Promoting your own product.

Rule #9 Have A Plan

The first Rule you really have to understand when it comes to selling on Instagram is to have a plan. it really important to make sure you are planning out your Instagram content alongside any other business planning you are doing. Don't think that when you are planning for your business and you are planning for your social media feed, that these are somehow two different entity, they are not, They are all your business and You need to make sure that your business plan is running in line with your plan for Instagram or any other social media feeds you are using.

there is a few different way for this to be implemented, for example, I frequency see that different shop sometimes have a day of the week that who be devoted to their new release, and they would take picture on that day and put them on Instagram, that is a great way to develop consistency with your audience because they begin to expected that on Monday or Tuesday they will see your new release.

that is one way you can develop a plan, by having a day of the week that you would use to share about any new release or any new product or services that you are offering.

Another way you can use Instagram to sell and to have a plan for it is to ruin any source of promotion in line with Instagram if you got a special sale going on or buy one get one for free or coupon code. Make sure you are posting photos that are ads for that promotion, you don't have to pay for any advertising through Instagram, you can just use your own Instagram photos, your own Instagram following to promote that coupon code or sale or whatever you are doing.

Rule #10: Use The 80 to 20 Rules

80% of the time, you need to be sharing relevant content about your brand or business, and then 20% of the time, you can be selling.

Use Instagram for sharing beautiful photos and other things that are relevant to your brand, and then spend 20% of the time to put out content that is marketing related for your business.

That way your follower will not get sick of you because you don't want your feed to become sales spam feed. But when you spend most of your time giving value to your audience by showing them information picture, and that is gonna go a long way when it does come time for you to promote yourself in that 20%.

OK folk, those are my top 10 Rules for promoting your business via Instagram, hopefully you pick up some new tips to apply to your business.


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