Facebook Marketing Strategy- The 8 Step Sales Funnel

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What I want to do in this article is to walk you through the facebook fan page Funnel, this's the exact funnel most businesses use to succeed online, and if you do this exactly the way am about to show you in this article you will see a great result but there is a lot of moving part in this article and if you miss just one you could potentially spend more money on advertisement than you make. So this's all about been profitable and designing a Funnel that works on autopilot so you can go out and enjoy your life.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Let Get Started

Note: Check out the image I design above for more Understanding

Squeeze Page

It all started with your Squeeze Page, it's a custom tab that is installed on your Facebook fan page so you will drive traffic to the custom tab which is the Squeeze Page. Now on the Squeeze Page, you could offer free content that helps your target audience, it could be a video, or Pdf, anything that will move them from point A to point B. 

Point A is where they are now, and point B is where your product would ultimately take them if they follow your advice. That is the Squeeze Page, it all starts with the Squeeze Page which basically an opt-in form so they can type in their Name and Email address to get the free thing that you are giving a way.

Content Page

This's where you deliver the free thing, maybe is a video or pdf, you deliver that on the content page, you don't need to ask them for the sale yet, you just deliver the content. I have been testing this lately and it works great, I give a little bit of content that is helpful and useful but incomplete content and then I have them click a button below the article that takes them over to a sale page so they can learn more about the actual product.

Sales Page

Once they go through the Sales Page, then you want to take them to check out page, and then once they check out you can send them to Oto'sOto's means upsell, is called speed & automation,  Let say the product is an information product, Upsell could be something to speed up that process.

If they purchase that upsell, you could send them to another page that makes another offer, it doesn't have to be speed automation type but it as to be something related. 

Members Area

Then once they get into purchasing the product then they get into the member area. That is basically all the moving part of the Funnel, you have the Squeeze Page, The Content Page, Sale Page, Check out Page, and then Upsell and Members Area.

Note: Check out the image for more Understanding

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Now The Main Fact

All of the Lead that came into your funnel are not going to purchase your product, that is the fact of life, not all lot them will purchase your product, it will be awesome if everyone that came into our funnel all 100% of them purchase.

Day 1: Email

Again, you just need to send some helpful information basically you can just take information from the content that you created, if your content page has 10-minute video full of great content, you can break down that information and send email on day one. Just talk about a little tip from the original content and then it goes over to the content page.

* Day 2. Email: Send Another one

* Day 3. Email: Send Another one

The Bucket

After they go through your auto respond series, they will end up in what we call the bucket. you have them all in one bucket, So they have done with the auto responder, they will not get anymore automating messages. Now the bucket is basically your broadcast email list, then you can just email the bucket list and send them more useful content, send to Webinar, to Launches, Jv Promotions, Special Offer that you might have. 

In the content make sure to put a link for them to purchase a different product of yours or maybe an affiliate offer, the content works the best, and if it Webinar you can do the same.

Let Move Back To The Check Out page

Am not really sure if people still do these but I will do some research on it.

The Opt-in Form & Check out Page

Instead of just letting them check out, you could ask them to opt-in to a list then check out. And if do that you will do the same thing by sending them Email, you send out an email like Hey I notice you got to the check process but you didn't finish can you let me know what happens, did you have a problem.

You can start that email series with that term, it gonna be different of course, but the email is just like follow up series, something like Hey you didn't buy, did you have any problem, maybe the next day you can send them a survey, just keeping in touch finding out why they are not making a purchase. that is what The Opt-in Form & Check out Page is all about.

Is not really optional, but if do it you have a great result, but to start you really want to focus on the Squeeze Page, Content Page, Sales Page, Check out Page, Oto's, and Members Area.

My set up may be different from yours but it really works.

Ok folks that are my Facebook marketing strategy hopefully you pick some idea to apply to your funnel. And again refer to the image about for more understanding


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