8 Killer Digital Marketing Skills to Master

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I have heard this question thousand time on what are the skill require to become a great digital marketer, So today am going to talk about the top 8 killer skill require to become great marketer which everyone will want hire. is all about understanding, if you have more understanding as a digital marketer, you will become successful.

Digital Marketing

1. Marketing Fundamentals

the first skill required to become a great digital marketer is to understand the market fundamentals, this's the area most digital marketers ignore. Understanding the market fundamental means understanding the entire consumer Jonny I mean understand how consumer think and buy the product. For example, this is the stages the consumer go through when buying the product which are High Risk, Consideration, and Purchase.

The consumer goes through a lot of process in his head, it's important as a marketer to understand the consumer right.

2 & 3: Ace Advertising Channels

The second and third skill you need is how to Ace Advertising Channels, Paid and Organic. Let me talk about the first set of a channel which is paid advertising channel, the one which gives marketers sleepless night.

there are multiple paid Advertising across the funnel like facebook, google, remarketing, email, display, it's important to know each of this channel and understand where they apply in the funnel, how Facebook adverting ruins and ruin campaign on Facebook, you need to understand how users searching for a particular product on Google and how you can adverting in Google using AdWords and you need to master that channel.

you will see some banners after you visit a product on a particular website and you can also see them everywhere, that is remarketing, you need to understand that channel really well to make the customer scale board, there are whole lot of  paid marketing channel which you need to master so that you are able to spend your money in the right way and in the most efficient manner.

Let talk About the Second Ace of Channels.

The Organic Channel, the one which makes some marketers happy, the FREE Channel, SEO, Content, Social Media, PR, all this are channel you need to master for you to get free traffic on your website, you need to understand the basic of SEO Fundamentals, How content delivers great consumer experience, How can you use Social Media for engagement, and How to Hack PR.

All this skill are required for you to become a great digital marketer.

4, Channel Strategy

As a digital marketer you need to know which channel is expensive but at the same time give more result, there must be some channel which is not expensive but give you medium result and there might be some other channel that is really expensive but at the same time don't give any result, those are 3 to 4 pillar you need to understand for you to make a robot digital marketing strategy.

And if you want to move from a digital marketer to digital head, this is a most important skill required.

6. Technical Skill

this's the area most digital marketing struggle, for every small little thing you need to go back to your engineer or technology tips, for example, if you need to make a Landing page you will have to go back to your designer to make the  design of the page, then to your friend to develop the Html of the page and to the engineering manager to develop the backup for the page.

Now, If you depend on any of this guy it would take a whole lot time for you to deliver a project. Is very important to become self-independent, learn basic Technical Skill like Css, Html, WordPress, etc. 

7. Product Marketing

When you heard of product marketing you probably thought that this's not what digital marketing is all about, think about it, if you are marketing a product it's important that you understand the packaging of the product, the communication around the product, the product filter, price, place, promotion, the distribution channel behind the product, and you need to understand the product itself which is the filter of product and the benefit of the product.

As a digital marketer if you understand the product so well, it will really help you in making your campaign successful and out last other marketers in the market,

8. Experimentation & Passion

As a digital marketer you need to be really curious, you need to do a lot of experiment and be very passionate about digital marketing, digital marketing changes so much in no time that you need to make sure that you learn everything and keep learning.

that is it for my information about digital marketing, hopefully, you grad some idea from it.


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