5 Ways to Make Money While You SLEEP

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Today I want to talk about 5 way you can make money while you SLEEP. generally, I try to stay away from this kind of topic because I think a lot of people who are interested in this things are LAZY. they are looking for quick way to make money and they end up falling for scam, falling into a trap and not ever been successful with what they want to do.

you have to understand that to be successful as an entrepreneur you want to work hard, you want to add value and create something that is meaningful and last. now, if that is your mindset this 5 things will help and make more money while you actually sleeping.

1. Create Things That Last

if you look at the article that a publish most of them are evergreen, is called Evergreen content because whether you read it today or you read it in 5 years the content is still relevant and valuable. I love creating things that are timeless value. because is valuable to somebody today and is also valuable to somebody in next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.

If you spend a lot of time making something, it sucks when it only lasts for a day or week, a month, and then shoot to zero. if you are doing something around the Trend. maybe you are covering election right now and it really hot because everybody is talking about it. then nobody is gonna care once the election is over.

nobody will look back to the content that was created, and I hate that kind of business because I want to make something that will live forever and I want people to pay attention to it forever, so all the work that I do and every new thing that I add to my business will have multiple streams for me down the future.

I like to create things that last and if you want to make money while you sleep, you need to create something that would be relevant and valuable in 5, 10, 20 years, is very helpful for you to make money while you sleep.

2. Bring On A Team

To have a big impact in the world you have to bring on a team not just you doing everything yourself. in the concept of making money while you sleep, is also important because while you are sleeping your team could be out there doing work for you. when I started online, it was just me doing everything, I publish two article per week on my blog and when I start to have many websites, I bring in a team to maintain those site and we publish many articles on a daily basis.

am still working the same number of hours but I get a lot done because my team is helping me do it. whatever is it in your business, especially things you are not good at or things you don't have a passion for that need to get done in your business. try to off load that to somebody else, have them do the work because they gonna get pay for it, they like doing that kind of work. while you can focus on the things you love doing, that is a fantastic way to build a business and can help you make money while you are sleeping.

3. Leverage Other Assets

for example, if you have a house or apartment, you can rent that out while you are away on the weekend, whatever assets you have, you can turn that into a renter and money will start coming in. let say we have classes but the studio is empty doing that day or most on Saturday, we could rent that out to other business for the day. if you have other assets like house, car, just anything value, you could potential rent it out to make extra money while you are sleeping.

4. Don't Trade Time For Money 

One of the hardest ways to make money while you are sleeping is when you are trading time for money, trading time for money is basically the definition of not making money while you sleep because you have to go out work. so think about a product you can sell or online service that you can provide that is not actually you doing the work yourself, that is a big step to make money while you are sleeping.

5. Invest

the best investing you can make is yourself as an entrepreneur, as a human to get better, to learn, to adapt, to grow, you will make more money in your own company than you will by investing into stock market or re-estate, etc. but when you start to make money and you are keeping some to save for retiring or whatever is it, in case something goes wrong.

One of the through Passive Income is investing into the stock market when the market is going up you are making more money and you can keep putting money into that and then they will keep paying you back. you don't have to worry about doing anything. the Idea here is, you are leveraging your money to help people grow and you are making more money.

if you have some money save, you can use it to bring in more money and that can be a huge return investment, but I still think the best investment is yourself in your business but is another way to make money while you sleep.

So, folks, this is my 5 way to make money while you are sleeping and i hope you grab something out of it.


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