12 Best Mobile Apps to Make Money Taking Surveys Online

I have take my time to do some research for best high rated mobile app to make money online taking survey, you don't need to sit in front of your computer all the time before you can earn some money online. so the good news is, you can actually do everything with your smartphone. so, if you want to make some extra money doing a few surveys in your free time, answer a few question, give your opinion and get paid to do it. this are 12 high rated apps you might want to have on your phone.

1. Inbox Dollar

Not only you will make money taking a survey with inbox dollar, they also give you another way to make money, you can make money checking emails, searching the internet, watching videos, refer friends to use it. obviously, this article is about survey but they have all kind of different offer to earn money, it shows you how much money it worth instead of show point, inbox dollar gives a lot of option to earn money including surveys.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks have different app, one is for survey only, you can redeem your reward through gift card or PayPal which I think is very nice. but if you want the main app, it called Swagbucks Best app that pays. it gives you a lot of option to make money, you can watch videos, search the internet, taking a survey. you can download the Swagbucks for survey or the main app because is made by the same company.

3. Surveys On The Go

surveys on the go is a free app that allows you to make money specifically from survey, they specialize in surveys. it tells you what category they are in, what the surveys is about and how much each survey is going to pay you in term of dollar, instead of earning a point and exchange the point. they don't over complicated, they just tell you exactly how much money and the currency you use will be paid to you from each survey. so is easier to get an idea on which one to do.

4. Google Opinion Reward

you know Google is going to deliver a decent product, considering they are one of the biggest company in the world. so they have a reputation they have to hold up as a quality company. the difference between this and others app is that they will pay you in Google play credit instead of cash. instead of getting your earning through PayPal or gift card, is just google play credit. but all of your entertainment needed can be meet by google play because they offer videos games, music, books, movie, tv show and Android app. so the credit can go a log way.

5. iPoll

ipoll is been around for a while now and they are one the top survey specific app for paying you, they ask you to create a profile and start taking survey. they have difference surveys. you can search for something specific if you want to do surveys on a specific type of category. you can redeem your reward on ipoll website so keep that in mind. you have to go to ipoll.com to redeem your reward.  

6. YouGov

YouGov is less known than the one I mention so far, but they have daily survey that you can do and is a really nice app. one thing I love about YouGov that makes them different is, you can see how other people answer that question and that can give you more incentive to keep doing it. because you are interested in seeing what other people think, besides just yourself. not as many users as the other but it still effective.

7. i-Say

you may have of i-say mobile, but is now called i-say reward your opinion and they have been around for a while now and they specialize in surveys, not like inbox dollar or Swagbucks where they give you all deference stuff to do, you will see a notification on your lock screen for a survey that you can take and how many points you will get as you take more survey, you will also see the time it gonna take to complete the survey.

8. QuickThoughts

quickthought is also a very highly rated app, they pay you Amazon gift card so you don't really have a choice of how you get paid. so if you are looking for PayPal money or you are looking for cash. maybe you don't use Amazon, then this's not gonna be a great app for you. but if you use Amazon which as everything you want to buy then you can use this app and get paid through Amazon gift card. 

9. CashReward

cash reward is as highly rated and what good about them is, they offer PayPal, payza, perfect money, etc, but I think PayPal is a way to go because you can transfer the money directly to your bank account or you can use it straight from PayPal. you can also make money from other things like downloading a free app, registering for free site, watching ads, playing free games.

10. SuveryMini

you can see how the app looks like, not quite as well known as some other I have mentioned but they do have a lot of different rewards. you can exchange your point money. they have stuff about your experiences with restaurant, what kind of music you listen too and more. they have a lot of option to redeem your reward.

11. EasyShift

easyshift is not that highly rated like the other one, but is still one of the top surveys apps, you can earn few thousand dollars a year depending on how many surveys you take and how consistently you do it.  one nice thing about them that separates them from other is, they do not have restriction or application process. 

because it allows you to automatically be able to partake in any of the surveys they have. not worrying about your occupation, your education level, demographics and more, they are not picking about who takes their surveys and that is one really nice things about them. it basically tells you how much you make in terms of money instead of a point.

12. Zap Surveys

zap do not have a lot of users but is still a solid app, this's another one you will take a look if you want to do many surveys to make extra money. they have frequency survey and you can also make a donation to children and needs. you will make money is not like all the money you make goes to charity and you don't get to keep anything, well, is not like that, if you are feeling good about yourself when you do the survey then you can make a donation.

I think that is the reason why they don't grow like others, you will get paid pretty well in your first survey maybe like $6 but they would give some money to charity when you do this survey.

that is my top survey app to have on your smartphone if you want to earn extra money online. I hope you will find it helpful


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