How to Make $500 Per Month From a Single YouTube Video

What would an extra $500 per month do for you? Maybe it would take care of a car payment or a good chunk of the mortgage. Maybe you wouldn’t have to struggle, and perhaps you could even start to put some money away in savings. An extra $500 per month is life-changing for the majority of people.

make money on youtube

The great news is that there are so many amazing business models you can use from home to earn this extra money. This might surprise you, but it is actually not that difficult to earn an extra $500 per month. You just have to have the right strategies and the right mindset. You don’t have to wait for anyone to hire you—you’re going to start your own business from home.

in this article, I will show you how to make $500 per month from a single youtube video, I have don this and I can tell you this is not quite difficult as you think but it still challenges. I will show you the kind of process you have to go through to actually make this happen.

1. Make Sure Your Video Subject Has High Search Volume

the first thing you need to do if you want to make this much from one youtube video, you need to make sure your video subject has a very high search volume, you will have a hard time if you completely rely on talent. if you do have a really nice talent when it comes to comedy or just entertainment, then you might do very well without worry about search volume and marketing.

but for everyone else, for the most part you need to look for things that are predictable, you need to do your research, one thing I recommend you to do is to use Google keyword planner, this will show you how much people are searching for stuff on the internet and the competition as well as the suggested bid which is what advertiser are paying to advertise for this terms.

for example, if you wanted to do a video game youtube channel, where you basically play game, reviews of game, work through difference levels of game, a lot of people on youtube actually doing this. one reason is, if you at one random game like call of duty for instance. if you put this up, you will see that the average are 100k - 1M searchers.

advertiser are bidding to advertise for this,  if you want to make a thousand dollar or more from one video, chances are you will have a much better chanch of doing it, if you have very good monthly searches, you will have to have an insanely high suggested bid or very high converting product, but if you didn't go for this, there are many ways to make money from videos.

you don't have to necessary go for ads but most youtube-er go for ads and make money from youtube monetization which is advertising on video, call of duty is an example of the one that has a very good search volume. you want something that as 100k - 1M or at list 10k - 100K.

for instance, if you are doing another game, let say you want to do a video called, New call of duty game that as a less search volume then started your video title with call of duty. go for something that as 6 figure or more monthly search potential

2. Use a Multi-Part Keyword Phrase Everywhere

what I mean a Multi-Part Keyword Phrase, am talking about the title of your video, you wouldn't always rank for the top keyword Phrase if your top keyword is call of duty for instance, you probably not gonna just do a video and name it call of duty and then rank for it.

because there will competition, it might said low competition in your keyword research, but there is still gonna be other videos from better channels that as be around for a while, not necessarily better, that are going to be rank ahead of you, so, you wouldn't hit that $500 a month for a long time.

what you have to do is to combine the higher keyword Phrase with the lower and medium Keyword Phrase, let say business idea is your main keyword Phrase, your title should be business idea that are easy to manage, you might rank for that very quickly because is a longer keyword Phrase and less competition.

then as your video builds up over time, you might actually rank for business idea by itself and then you will hit really big numbers. and then 2017 is another thing, adding the year can also improve videos popularity because that tell people that it works right now not last year, and not an old strategy.

if your keyword Phrase is two words long find a three or four-word version that includes the two-word Phrase at the beginning, you can also check out other vidoe on youtube to see how other people are doing it. let say your Phrase is call of duty and when you type in call of duty, just look at the result that automatically show up for you.

make money with youtube

your channel rank for call of duty but you want to do a video that does very well, so, you need to rank for something smaller first because most likely you don't have a huge channel yet. call of duty, you can add ghost to it or call of duty infinite warfare, call of duty black ops 3, call of duty black ops 2

just type it on youtube and see youtube suggestion result, those are popular searches that other people have search very frequently and those are easier to rank for, so, extend your title with that addon keywords suggested that are list on the search bar. 

3. Go After a Broader Audience

if you want to make a lot of money per video, unless if you are selling a very specific product like a course on how to do something, specific like selling a product on Amazon or a course step about how to train your Dog to do certain tricks, you don't necessary have anything to do with this.

but if you are going for ads, you are going for affiliate income, anything that requires a lot of traffic, you need to go for Broader Audience, you don't wanna leave people out. one example, you can go to trending on youtube you will see some example of videos that do not leave people out.

make money with youtube
make money with youtube

you will never see something like Niche video that teaches you a tutorial, those will never be a trending video, it usually likes news, something about celebrity, music, movie or video game. something that a lot of people can relate too, thing like a lot of people will be interested in. if you will want to make a video, make sure your videos target a lot of Audiences.

4. Go After High CPM Keyword

if you are trying to make a lot of money base on an advertisement or at list a bit percentage of your money from advertisement, you have multiple streams of income of course. but your suggested bid on Google keyword planner is going to be one of your best assets.

when you look at the topic of your video before you publish a video, before you even record it, you want to see what the suggested bid is, for your keyword. for instance, I did a video and that video only got a thousand view a month or even less than that. but the suggested bid was soo high that it make good money from ads.

you get paid base on your cost for a thousand views that is what CPM is. but you need to go for higher suggested bid if you can, suggested bid will give you a chance to make a lot more money per thousand views, meaning you don't need many views to hit your income goals.

if you are really going after youtube monetization through ads, then you need to keep this suggested bid in mind and go for higher suggested bid.

okay, folks, that is my 4 step ways of making money from your youtube video, am still gonna share other ways to make more money from your videos.


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