9 Business Ideas For Beginners

if you never add a business before, with this 9 business idea, you can start with little experience and little skills, It’s important that you have the right expectations from the start. I’m not promising that you can earn millions of dollars overnight. What I am promising is that you can take steps to change your life, today.

Business Ideas

So go ahead and read through this article below. Then, choose your method and take action with it right away. I want to make sure you realize that a huge part of the battle is already won.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr business is basically a form of freelancing, is much easier to make your way as a freelancer, anything you good at, things that you done for hobby, that you done for occupation, things that you learn in school or online. you can actually make money from selling services, doing those things on Fiverr.com,

everything is done on one website, so you don't have to rely in different places, you don't have to do a bunch of interview with a company before they accept you or get back to you, it all done easily on a platform on Fiverr. you just make the gig and then people click a button to hire you to do the gigs.

they will give you instruction, you do it, then they give you a review, so the more good review you get the more business you get. is very simple and easy, you can have a lot of different gig in a lot of different category like Graphics & Design, Digital marketing, writing & translation, video & Amination, music & audio, programming & tech, etc....

you can start selling services from $5 and then all the way to about $15-$20 for your most expensive gigs and as you get more business you can start offering more expensive offer on your gigs. you can offer things up to hundred dollars per gig on the same site,

you can make more money doing it, it can be full-time or part-time whatever you are into. you don't need any experience. you just need to be good at something that you can sell as a freelancing.

2. Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel is something I like to recommend because Youtube Channel are very easy to start, all you have to do is go to Youtube click the upload button, upload your first video, you can record a video with a lot of free tools, usually if you have a laptop with a webcam or if you have a smartphone.

you can record yourself using that camera and then upload it to youtube, you will need a Gmail account to create your Youtube Channel.

if you want to make a Youtube Channel is free to start, but you need to figure out your niche, you need to figure out what make you different from everyone else, what your Channel is about, is gonna be a comedy Channel, business Channel or are you gonna talk about product that you are reviewing or about marketing.

or how to do other things, it can be a tutorial Channel or video games, there is all kind of possibility on youtube. all you have to do is just to be making videos.

3. Udemy Course

if you know about anything that the general population doesn't know, if you know more about that subject than most people, then you can sell Udemy Course, all you have to do is go to Udemy.com and click the link up there that say become an instructor

Business Ideas

and they will work you through how to get started, if you want, you can search for a different course on here

Business Ideas

and get an idea of what a good course look like and how to get a lot of free reviews. they even have Udemy Course, how to create a successful Udemy Course, with over 12 million students they have tons of traffic, they do a lot of their marketing promotion for you and they do it in all in one platform.

you can sell course in all kind of different things just like Fiverr, if you know more about some things than most people, you made Course on it and sell this Course for $20 -$50 -$100. you can make a full-time business from it if you are really good. I will definitely recommend that.

4. Kindle Ebook Publishing

if you know a lot about anything you can make ebooks on it, this is a very easy way to sell the information you know. 

ebook is a very easy way to sell information and there is a lot of great places to do it specifically amazon.com is the best place to sell ebooks, because of their Kindle publishing platform, you just upload the ebook to your Kindle account, if you want to create an account to sell this ebook, you can just go to kindle.amazon.com and they will take you to a place similar to this below

Business Ideas

and then you just signup, but is free to start, is free to upload as many ebooks that you want and you can earn up to %70 royalty. not only in your country but in other countries around the word as well. all you have to do is just write a book that interest people whether it' fiction non-fiction.

if you good at research on what people are looking for. you can hire a ghostwriter to write you book and then you can edit them or just tell them what they need to include and give them concept to cover, so they can know what to write about and they can put in words you might be good at doing.

there is a lot of different ways to make an ebook, but you can definitely make a good business on them with Amazon.

5. Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a way of selling product without having to make your own product, so you don't have to make your own product, you don't have to make your own website. you don't have to make your customer support staff. 

Network Marketing is a way for you to sell other company product and earn a commission, you are able to refer other seller and make a commission from their sales. and if you want to find the best company to work at, if you are trying to get started with Network Marketing and you feel that is a something you might do well at.

you can go to mlmranking.com, they would rank the most popular Network Marketing company you can check out, that is a place to go if you want to do your research.

6. Affiliate Marketing

is similar to Network Marketing except you are not able to refer others when it comes to affiliate marketing. you are on your own, you are getting links to other people product and getting a commission when people buy the product through your link.

if you wanna do that I would recommend you to start with clickbank.com is one of the best platforms on the planet, they have all kind of category product. business, computers, entertainment, game, education, health & fitness, and lot more. 

you can go through and find product you would think you would have buy and chances are is a good offer,  you don't want to promote something you don't care about, think of yourself as a customer before you think of yourself as an affiliate marketer, and that would help you pick the best offer to promote.

all you have to do is to get people to see that link, whether you promote your link on social media, on your blog, your youtube channel, podcast,  there is a lot of different ways to get traffic. all you have to do is to get sales to that link and you will get a commission that you can transfer to your bank account.

7. Blogging

a blog gives you all kind of option, one of the easiest ways to make money with a blog is to through AdSense. Google Adsense allows you to make money from people clicking ads on your blog. so the more you blog, the more traffic you get.

and as you do more blogging you will figure out how to market your post and how to better write things, I also recommend you to read other blog that are very successful, so you will get an idea what it takes.

with your blog you can monetize with Adsense, selling courses, your affiliate links, network marketing,, you can also sell your ebooks there. everything that I mentioned earlier can be sold on your blog.

8. Item Flipping on Ebay 

eBay is a place where a lot of people start out with their first business, they created or they just have a regular account where they would find stuff that could be profitable if you resold it, eBay makes it really easy to sell anything you want to ever sell.

if you have good eyes for a certain type of product, maybe you know a lot about clothing, or you know a lot about electronic, and so on. you can get those things from people who don't know what is worth and then resold them with a high price on eBay.

9. Transcription Service

this is just a very easy business to start, and you don't even need to have your own website or brand, you can actually get started with a company who is already around like transcribeme.com. you can go to their website and click on a link that says join as a transcriptionist.

Business Ideas

all you have to do is listen to audio and videos and turn them into text, people use this text for a lot of different things, they use it for journalist, they use it for writing, post on a website, a lot of different things. there is a lot of few option out there that is okay, but you will have to talk really slow and you still have to do a lot of editing to make them work.

so people don't have time for that they would rather just get a human to do it and have it done professionally. you can do transcribing for people and make pretty decent money from doing it while working from home. you don't need any especial skills to do these.

these are my top business I think you may want to start with as a beginner,  I hope you get some idea from these post if you have any comment you can drop it below. Good Luck...............


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