7 Reason Why You Don't Make Money Online

You have tried many techniques to make money online, but all the technique doesn't seem to be working, so you ask yourself this question, is he really possible to make money online? The answer is yes, is really possible to make money online, I have seen many people who are making a living online.

make money online

the truth is these, 

the secret of making money online is out there waiting for you to discover it, and if you don't look for it, you will never find it. some people find it difficult to make money online because when they read any article on the web about making money online, they will quickly jump in front of their computer and start using this method and when they fail they will get frustrated.

there are many ways to make money online, and if you find one interesting to you, 

you need to do more research about it and be patient before it works for you. in this article I talk about some reason why you are not making any money online and how you can make money online.

1. Having Your own Website.

you don't make money from your site because of this reason

* You always looking for quick ways to make money with your site, but you don't look for ways to improve the site.

you can't make money with your site if you don't firstly find how to improve your site. before you think about making money with your site, make sure you firstly improve your site, use a good template, install some plugin, provide a good content, promote your site to the world, give your site time to grow before you start running any advertisement, your reader will run away if your site is full of ads without providing good content.

* You site is not getting traffic.

traffic and content are the key to make money with your site, if you are not getting traffic, sorry bro, no money for you, because more traffic more money, you can create a website in 5 minutes, but getting people to know about your new website is a big problem.

your friend and family will know about your new site, but what about the worldwide web, a new site will rank 30 million in the world according to Alexa, but do you really know how to rank your new site 200 in the world.  so you need to do some SEO work, learn how to drive traffic to your site, forget about updating your site daily with fresh content. 

learn how to promote your site, so that people can see it, updating your site daily with fresh content will not get you any traffic, so stop wasting time and learn some SEO tips to boost your site in search engine.

2. Affiliate Marketing

you are not making any money as an affiliate marketer because you are promoting your product the wrong way. 

just because you read some article online, that show you about promote your affiliate link on facebook doesn't mean you should go to facebook and start posting a link.

I have seen many affiliate link on my facebook timeline, I called that a spamming and using that method will never make you any money.

if you don't have a website and you want to use social media to promote a product you choose from Clickbank or amazon or any offer. you need to get engage with other people on that group, communicate with them, join their discussion, help them out with the little thing you know, gain their trust, and then, they will like to see what you have offer, 

if you are promoting an offer, make sure you join the related group, for example, if you choose to promote make money online offer, join make money online group, make money online forum, comment on making money online blog with your affiliate link.

3. Selling Ebook

you are not making money online because your ebook is not selling. if don't make money with your ebook, maybe you are doing something wrong also.

you can't just submit your ebook to amazon, eBay or other site and wait for a miracle to happen. you have to get engaged on the web, on social media, join some community, join some forum like warrior forum.

let me give you a guaranteed way to sell an ebook.

* make sure you include your own live story in your ebook, is the best way to make your ebook sell like hot cake. if you are selling an ebook about how to make money online.
* include your achievement after using that method you write in your ebook, show your new car, your new apartment, take a picture of you and your girlfriend, boyfriend or wife holding each other.

because some website allows a member to preview their ebook before buying it, so seeing all this achievement will get people emotional and they will love to try that method of yours.

4. Google Adsense

A lot of people have abandoned their blog because of Adsense disapprove if you abandon your blog because of Adsense, that means your aim is only to make money with your site not to provide value to people.

if you believe in yourself, you know what you are doing, you provide a great content to your readers, AdSense should not your be a problem. I have seen many newbies who plan to make money with AdSense, and when they got disapprove they get frustrated and quit blogging. or they will start looking for Adsense alternative.

before thinking about making money with your site, firstly provide a good content, learn how to get traffic to it, be patient for a little while, you can wait for 6 months.

At that time, all your post will get index in google, 

google will scan and find all the backlink you have build for your site.

then, they will rank you higher in search engine, Alexa will collect your latest data from Google, and your Alexa ranking will improve.

at this time, you can start thinking about generating income from your site, any ads network or affiliate you apply with your site, you will get approved without any delay.

5. Pay Survey.

if doing pay survey is the method you choose to make money online, but in some cases, you are not making the money that you want. well, you must be doing something wrong also.

like I said earlier, there are many ways to make money online, you just have to choose one that you think will be very easy to do.

but the truth is this, there is no easy way to make money online, don't get scared. you just have to more effort and you will make money.

you can't make a living online doing pay survey, you can't pay a bill, you can't pay house rent, you can't use a car, you can't buy a new iPhone, you can't give your girlfriend or boyfriend even your family member money. 


* pay survey is there to earn extra cash like $4 - $5 - $10, the highest money you can make doing pay survey is $25, and it will take you like 4 months to reach that amount.

* they will send you a survey according to your profile when signup.

* they will send you a survey to fill once in 2 weeks maybe in a month it depends on your profile.

* the highest survey they can send to you is $1 - $2

* you can use almost 30 minutes to fill a survey and in the end, they tell you sorry you do not qualify for this survey, you just wasted 30 minutes of your time.

let me give you some tips to make money doing pay survey

* may sure to join many survey site, go to google search for Top 20 survey site, join all of them.

* may sure to use only one email and the same info.

* refers other people to the site by promoting your refer link, you will earn 10% - 20% from their earning.

* many survey site will send you survey regularly to fill if you are above 30 years of age and marriage. if you are not up to that, you know what to do.

6.  Doing Pay Offer, playing game, watch videos, etc

doing this stuff listed above will not make you real money, but you can earn extra cash, I have seen many people making a little cash with this, but it takes a lot of time. you have to refer other people to reach your minimum payout.

the bad thing about completing offer is that it takes a lot of time to even make a single $1. instead of you wasting your hard time pursuing $1, is better to use that same time to do something else that will fetch you real money online.

7. Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you are doing PPC and you are not making money online, you need to understand something, PPC is where you get to pay to views ads for 20 seconds, everyone knows about it. so if this's the method you choose to make money online, well you need to add more effort because there is no way to can make a living with that.

the minimum payout for some PPC site is $2 while some pay you $1, and believe me, to reach your minimum payout is a big problem, even to reach $2 will take you like 3 month, because you will start viewing the same ads all the time and get the same amount like $0.0000001.

let me give you tips to make money with PPC

If you want to make real money with PPC, you need to invest like $10, when you join some PPC site, copy your refer link and go to other PPC site to advertise your refer link, by doing this, you will get a lot of refer from other sites and you will earn 10 - 20% of their earning.


I would love to add more to my list above, but I don't have any other ways of making money online for now in my head, I will keep updating this article if I discover any technique, but in any technique you choose to make money online, just put more effort and do a lot of research. if you have any other technique of making money online that you think I should add to my list, you can drop it in the comment. 

let me take some coffee, see you on my next update. Good Luck


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