Saturday, 22 April 2017

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

What I am going to describe in this article is probably the easiest CPA method you’ll ever come across. In short, this is the simplest money making technique you’ll find online. Here  on you will learn a simple method to make $500 per day with CPA offer

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Pinterest for Business! 6 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

I have to spend a lot of time on Pinterest and he as don amazing thing for my site, but the tutorial I want to share with you today is beyond beginners. so is not gonna be someone as not been on Pinterest or can't spend a lot of time. however, I will cover a great material and show you difference way you can actually make money on Pinterest.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work! With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

I first started most likely like you. I checked out the Monetization Techniques section, looking for any sort of method that would earn me just $5 a day. $5! That’s all I wanted. I wanted to be able to buy games on Steam without asking my brothers.

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

It wasn’t for a few months until I discovered my first working method. PPD, also known as Pay-Per-Download, involves locking a file download with a survey, which when completed by a user, earns you money. You’ve probably seen these on YouTube. I was earning $1-$2, tiny amounts of money, but I was ecstatic. $1-$2 began to change to much more. Here is an overview of my sharecash payments…

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

At the start, as you can see, I was earning just under $3 a day. However, being 14, $83 was a lot of money to me, especially all at once. After that first month I began to reinvest my profits back into PPD, and eventually scaled up to my peak, where I was earning a consistent $25 a day.

I eventually moved from PPD to more advanced methods, but since I had the capital needed, I could invest and ultimately grow my earnings more and more.

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

The trick is momentum. Getting up and running. I realized that the only difference between earning $50 a day and $200 a day was how much I would be able to invest for promotion and the like.

The beauty in the system is you can start with nothing to invest and scale as you go. At the start, you will only be earning $1 a day, then $5, then $10. Eventually, you’ll be able to continue to scale up and reinvest your profits too, hopefully, reach $50 and even $100 a day.

So sit back. Relax. Grab a bagel and some coffee. And feel free to 

Getting Started

This section is going to cover setting up the framework of the system. The skeleton, if you will. Once we have set up the framework, I will show you the different ‘routes’ you can take with the system, different tweaks, and optimizations you can implement to gradually increase your profit.

The general framework of the system involves 2 platforms: torrents and YouTube . Some of you may have heard of a method that involves PPD and YouTube/PPD and Torrents and I can assure that this is vastly different. Don’t be getting all anxious now!

This is a system that I have created myself that allows you to customize completely on your own. You will have full control of your earnings, similar to a real business or company.

To get started, we are going to be using a site called . thepiratebay is one of the most popular torrents sites, mainly due to its community and pleasing site layout.

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

To get started, head over to and hit the button that says ‘ Register /
Sign In ’
Hit the ‘Free Registration’ tab and fill out the form with your information.

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)
You’ll receive an email asking to verify your account. Click that and then we can get started setting up your profile!

Once you have verified your email you can get started uploading torrents. The easiest way to find torrents to upload is to find recently released music albums/movies/software/games, find them on KAT, then re-upload them on your own account.

Recommended sites:





Your process should be:

1. Find popular file
2. Download from another torrent site
3. Re-upload on your own torrent account

By uploading numerous legitimate torrents on to your account, we can make our account look as official and professional as possible, thus increasing the probability of our future torrents being downloaded.

People will be more likely to download from a reputable uploader rather than someone random! I am not going to go into how to create a .torrent file as you can easily learn this
from YouTube or Google that can probably do a better job than me. Here’s a simple

a tutorial I found after a quick YouTube search

I would recommend uploading at least 5 legitimate torrents, before moving on to the next section, “ monetizing your torrents ”

Monetizing Your Torrents

In this section we are finally going to learn how to profit from our ‘framework’! I will detail 3 different paths you can take. Each own is completely up to you and can each earn a consistent income, so choose whichever most appeals to you.

Content Locking (PPD)

This is a common method back in 2016-2017 that still has HUGE potential today. However, there is a chance your account will be removed so it can be very hit or miss. But when you hit your mark, it can be incredibly profitable!

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

That screenshot is from an account I did when a new Game of Thrones episode was released… I made roughly $500 before it got taken down, so it can definitely be profitable!

The first step is to sign up to a PPD network. below as well as some details about it.

Probably one of the oldest PPD networks, you’ve probably seen a ShareCash survey link on YouTube. ShareCash surveys are typically easy to complete but earn you less money. No application required, just sign up and start. $20 cashout minimum

Once we’ve joined a network, we’ll be locking our torrents with a password, and in order to get the password, they will have to complete a survey through ShareCash.

TIP: Be sure the user will be able to unlock the file with the code! If they complete a survey and the code does not work, you’ll have a higher chance of your torrent getting removed.

I’ll use ShareCash. First, make a .txt file and write, “The code to unlock the file is: ‘3JDS888X’. Have fun!” Name the file something like,’ <torrent file name> password’. Next, go to ShareCash, click on ‘Files’ -> ‘Advanced File Manager’

Click on ‘Upload’ and select the .txt file you just created. After it has been uploaded, you can click on the file name to get the download link for your file. Copy this and make a new .txt file, writing, “To get the password to the archive, go here! < ShareCash link>. Have fun!”. 

How To Make $180 With Just 15 Minutes Of Work!  With Pay Per Download- (PPD)

Name the .txt file ‘Password’ or, ‘README for password’
For the next part we’re going to need WinRAR which you can download for free here:
First, make a folder on your desktop and copy + paste the file you wish to upload as well as the ‘Password.txt’ file. Put the file you’re uploading in it’s own folder, like so.

Open up WinRAR and navigate to the folder that holds the file, NOT the folder that contains both the file folder and the password, I would select the ‘File to be uploaded’ folder, rather than ‘Example’
If you don’t understand this, just goto youtube and search for 

how to lock a file with winrar you will see the video toturial


Click on the ‘Add’ button to create a new archive for the file. Change the ‘Archive Format’ to .zip then click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Here we will set the password using the password we entered earlier. Simply click on ‘Set Password’, paste it in, and you’re good to go!

After you’ve created a .torrent file we can upload it! Once it’s been uploaded you can choose to 1. Sit back and see if it earns or 2. 
Try and promote your torrent Personally I have had success in both. There have been times where I will promote the shit out of my upload and barely earn $5 and times where I will do nothing and wake up to $50-$75 in earnings.

The best way to promote I have found is through YouTube. Make a ‘tutorial’ video showing how you can get this new game, movie, software, etc. for free and leave a link to your torrent in the description.
I have found that the PPD + Torrent path has been the most consistent, in that if I put in an hour each day I can easily expect to earn a solid $25-$50 a day. At the

start you will still be learning but as you do it more and more you’ll find you’ll be able to upload more torrents faster and thus earn more money.


You’ve done it!
You’ve reached the end of Dragon Revenue.
How is NOT the time to relax! but the only way you’re going to earn is if you put the method into practice! Only when I was working harder than ever and constantly improving my methods was I able to break past $100, $200 a day and finally start making a consistent income stream for myself.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Top 5 Way To Make Money on Facebook

facebook as become one of the biggest websites in the world with million of user,  those big boys who make real money online use facebook, because with facebook you can drive target traffic to your sales page or site. And If you are looking for a way to make money online with facebook pages, this article maybe little helpful, because I will share 5 difference way to do it, maybe you can find what make the most money for you.

Top 5 Way To Make Money on Facebook

Is completely free to create a facebook page and there are 5 great ways to make money from it without spending any money.

1. Facebook Instant Articles

with Facebook Instant Articles, you can write an article like a blog post, if you have a blog where you publish an article you will get paid base on ads been place on the article, you can monetize them, is how you publish a youtube video and enable ads.

If you want to make money from your blog post by using your facebook account, you can signup for the instant article and submit your information. just go to and once you signup. you will be able to monetize your article and make money from it. that is one of the best ways to make money on facebook and is a very new strategy a lot of people don't even know about it yet.

2. Facebook Sponsored Post

When you have a lot of following like 15000 or more like on your facebook page, you might consider doing some sponsored post. when you write something or post image that an advertiser or company want you to post, which will help them get more business. but they want real pages instead of doing pay adverting.

And if you want to do this, I recommend going to, they allow you to charge base on your following, if you have a few hundred thousand fans on facebook, you can charge a few hundred dollars per post. after signing up, they will connect you with other company, and once you get a deal, they will give you what exactly to say, just copy it and post it at a time they want you to post it to your page.

this is what a lot of celebrity do to make money from their account, because they have a big following, for an instant, Ketty Perry who have 80 Million followers on twitter, just imagine how much she will be making with that huge follower. is one of the easiest things to do once you have a big following.

3. Get Paid To Share Links

this's a very interesting thing, a lot of people don't know about. is not one of the main streams to make money online, but is very effective. you can go to a site like, how it work is this, adfly allow you to short your link and track how many clicks you get. as you see in the screenshot. if someone clicks your link, you will get paid for that.

Top 5 Way To Make Money on Facebook

let say you have a youtube video and you have a link in the description, instead of them going strat through that link in the description to your website, for an instant, you can use adfly link, they will see a quick ad and then they will go to your site immediately the ad over. you can post this link on facebook

4. Sell Fiverr Gigs

this's Another great way to make money online, a lot of people start out doing some freelancing, service. because with that way, you don't necessary need to take a long time to make your first few thousand a month. if you are selling a service like graphic design, video, amination, blog post writer, programming, there is all kind of difference thing you can offer.

If you can get on a site like, you don't even need your own website, you have a bunch of traffic on Fiverr, people looking for service like yours already, you can sell this gigs and create a link where people can buy your services on Fiverr.

you don't need to have your own way of collecting payment, you don't have to worry about a website, you don't have to worry about blogging, getting traffic, all of this is taking care off on Fiverr. people can even review you, and when you get a good review, you get more business. you could have a link in the tap on the left side of your facebook page or you could just post it on facebook, or you could use it as a cover photo on your facebook profile for promotion.

5. Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing, they have to make a purchase for you to make money, is like you are doing referrals, you will get a lot of bigger commission maybe you get %30-50 whatever the cost of the product is. you can promote a product like fitness, education, games, food wine & cooking etc, all kind of stuff that people can buy. is one of the best places to find a product to promote. I recommend you to promote a product you use yourself

So, folks, that is my top 5 way you can make money with your facebook pages, if you do it correctly you will start getting a quick result in a matter of time. subscribe via email to get more tips on making money online..... Good Luck